Kodi i etikës

Code of ethics

Proton Business Ethics and Code of Conduct

One of our greatest challenges is to promote a warm, open and professional workplace for all Proton Group employees.

Healthy Environment for Proton employees

We ensure that all our employees are treated with dignity and respect. We respect and protect their confidentiality regarding any observations or concerns they may voice. That said, our environment supports and engenders trust, integrity, honesty, citizenship and responsibility, thus permitting us to achieve excellence within workplace.
We have created an atmosphere of confidence through teamwork, treating each-other with dignity, fairness and by actively listening to what each other have to say. Not one person has all the right answers and our environment allows the soft voice to be heard. Our employees say what they mean and speak without fear.
Each person understands the value of company time, property, material, equipment and facilities. We endeavor to dissuade abuse of those very elements that are intended for the good work and contribution to the success of the Group as a whole. Our care and maintenance of company assets is in keeping with our policy of sound house-keeping and having everyone treat everything with great care and respect, thus avoiding needless wastage and as an environmentally friendly Group, we take this aspect very seriously.
The Proton Board promotes an alcohol-free, safe and healthy workplace where personnel can feel safe, satisfied, respected and appreciated. Harassment or discrimination of any kind is not acceptable and nor tolerated and may lead to immediate dismissal.

Compliance with laws, regulations and code

We conduct our business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations in Republic of Albania and other countries which we do business with. All employees are made aware of their responsibility to report any incident, injury, environmental concern or safety hazard immediately. We maintain complete and accurate Company records. Misrepresenting of facts or falsification of records is not tolerated and may lead to immediate dismissal.

Business Conduct

Proton Group is committed to provide reliable products and services for its customers at a fair price and delivered on time.
We are committed to fair competition and operate with a sense of responsibility and fair play with our suppliers.
Our activity is always conducted in conformity with community requirements for a healthy environment. We are committed to act as concerned and responsible neighbors, reflecting all aspects of good citizenship. We aim to be truthful in all our endeavors, to be honest and forthright with our suppliers, customers, communities and, especially, to one another.
We compete fairly and ethically for all business opportunities, especially bid preparations, proposals, contract negotiations and contract implementation in compliance with specifications and requirements.
Each employee is contractually bound not to accept gifts, gratuities, or entertainment as an attempt by the offering party to secure favorable treatment.
Proton Group is an equal opportunities employer and committed to the standards as laid out here in.