Proton has registered its activity on February 2007. It is launched as a company specialized in distributing Vodafone airtime via unique solution without the presence of a sales representative. Proton is the only company in Albania to have and utilize that solution. Progressing, Proton invested in building a distribution network for world class brands as SanDisk and 3M and a cement distribution system in cooperation with Titan Antea Cement, the largest Albanian cement Group.

Proton has also invested in fleet operational leasing. In order to have the best service, a GPS tracking solution was added in the portfolio of the products of the company. Its team of mechanical engineers, software engineers, information technology specialist and account managers, are today offering full operational leasing and tracking services to some of the biggest fleet in Albania.

Proton also is the provider of some row materials to heavy industry.

Proton is certified with ISO 9001 in "Quality Management System", ISO 14001 in "Environmental Management System" and ISO 27001 in "Information Security Management System". Its management is educated in the best US schools and it keeps high standards of conduct in its relation with the society as a whole. It has its own code of conduct regarding for its employees and partners.

Proton is an entrepreneurial company. It rewards new ideas and is looking forward and planning to explore new areas suggested by its employees, management and Board. Follow our news that are periodically updated.